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Jan 08, 2019 17:22:40

Writing Is A Lot Like Cooking

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Tracy Farnsworth

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A long time ago in a bustling suburban town, I cooked professionally for clients that wanted or needed healthy meals made fresh and served daily.

It was interesting and fun but a lot of hard work and long hours.

Some of my recipes are straight forward and utterly simplistic with a dash of spice.  Others are intricate re-workings of fatty food favorites like lasagna and Texas chili. Some recipes seem so complex, it's difficult to even start the prep work without getting overwhelmed.


When encountering a blank page or complex subject, your writing needs to start like any great feat of cooking. With a well organized mise en place.  Take the time to prepare/measure/chop all your ingredients prior to creating the meal.

To the contrary, I am also a firm believer in the free flow methods for executing interesting and creative culinary and literary works of art. This may work for some or be unpalatable for others.


I've yet to nail a recipe on the first try, just like I've never nailed a perfect piece of poetry on the first draft.

It takes simmering in some juices or the pinch of the right seasonings before you are happy to present it to the public eye.  Just never make the mistake of constant tweaking beyond the point of your ideal perfection.

Overthinking can burn, dry out and make tough a great concept.  Nothing is ever perfect, especially when everyone has their own idea of perfection when it comes to both writing and eating.

Like cooking, writing is subjective.  

There is a local pizza place all my friends rave about but I can't stand the place.  The dough is too heavy, the sauce is bland and the crust is always burned.  I don't get it, much like my husband doesn't get the appeal of "It's a Wonderful Life".  Oh such a classic! 

Not everyone will enjoy your writing and that's ok.  Not everyone will like how you salt your french fries and that too is ok.  Write with honesty, personality and a piece of yourself and you will be one great recipe in the making.

Until tomorrow.

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    @taowist Love this! Such an interesting idea, and I couldn't agree more

    Jessica avatar Jessica | Jan 08, 2019 20:34:35
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      @jessica I'm redoing my kitchen and just went through my cookbook collection and many of my older cookbooks were written like stories and it was amazing and just gave me the idea that's they can be highly connected.

      Tracy Farnsworth avatar Tracy Farnsworth | Jan 08, 2019 23:06:42
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    @taowist You draw a great analogy between writing and cooking. I dabble a little bit with cooking myself, and I can see the parallels with writing. Now I am going to be analyzing whether I approach both disciplines the same way or structure one while I free-wheel the other one.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jan 08, 2019 17:39:16
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      @brandonwilson I say depending on the situation, mix and match. Although when it comes to baking (not my forte), free-wheeling it is usually a disaster.

      Tracy Farnsworth avatar Tracy Farnsworth | Jan 08, 2019 23:07:46
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