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Dec 25, 2018 06:16:29

Writing landing page copy

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Notes from https://stripe.com/atlas/guides/landing-page-copy 

Common missteps for landing page copy : Landing pages prioritize the story of the startup, rather than the journey of the customer with the startup.

Focus copy on them (the customer). Go through each sentence in your copy and rewrite it to address your customers.

Limit each sentence to one thought.

3 foundational elements of effective landing page copy

1) It delivers a convincing first impression for the startup: Write direct to customer, specific, and grammatically-correct copy.

2) It considers the maturity of the market: Companies in a mature market like disposable razor can use short copy as opposed to an emerging market (Cryptocurrency market) which needs more education on the landing page.

3) It reflects the customer’s stage of awareness: 

Most aware. Visitors totally understand your solution and likely believe it’s a top contender for them. They just needs nudging. Purchases happen here.

Product-aware. Visitors are learning about your product. Free trials, demos, and purchases happen here.

Solution-aware. Visitors are considering solutions to their pain or problem.

Problem-aware. Visitors are feeling pain or dealing with a problem.

Unaware. Visitors haven’t experienced a need that would drive them to your solution.

On Headline: Don't sacrifice a clear message for a short one. Too many companies  boil down their value proposition into 3-4 words headline that is too vague.

On writing copy that is focused on the customer: Change we-focused copy to you-focused copy. (https://www.dropbox.com/s/ojx9m2ca7rjgp8c/Screenshot%202018-12-25%2010.54.03.png?dl=0)

Landing page copy best practices:

- Removing distracting calls to action (e.g. no global navigation)

- Hooking visitors immediately with a highly desirable benefit (why they should care)

- Expanding on the benefit with product-specific support (how the product does it)

- Formatting copy for maximum readability.

- Leading with β€œyou” wherever possible

- Making sentences short, and easy to consume

Copywrigin formula AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

1) Grab their attention by clearly articulating the problem your customers have

2) Build up their interest in the subject. Elaborate the problem.

3) Turn that interest into desire by showing the solution. The solution offered should be succinct and clear. Start with a verb-you focused copy. Show features of the solution.

4)A section to close the customer: 

- Reinstatement of the value pro 

- A quick list of results generated by the solution (Founders can share their own story and results if not data point just yet)

- A powerful screenshot 

- CTA 

- Testimonials 

- Data point about average result.

Part of making a lasting first impression is creating a window for not only a prospect to relate, but act, and interact. That turns an impression into a relationship.

When you're presenting data as numbers, it's useful to help customers visualize the scale of your achievement.

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