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Dec 18, 2018 18:41:33

Writing out of the blue #4

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Sara Silva

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So, writing my thesis and having a great student and friend help you realize that you have a knack for something, is where we left off (see here the first part of this text 😊).

As a suitably stubborn person that I am, moreover with confusion set in my heart, I did the next logical thing: Take up a scholarship. (I know, whaaat?) 

You know, that didn't quite agree with my (or their) expectations so they established that I would write documentation while I searched for a new job. Although I was finally writing, what I needed to learn from this step was all about opening up my expectations and set me off to go find something new.

Without failure, there is no achievement. - John C. Maxwell

Don't you just read stuff like this, and people everywhere tell you this sort of thing way-too-many times until you actually realize it?

The second to last step on my journey was to take a new job as an IT analyst. I went from studying electrical engineering to a scholar, and then to a developer. 

Once again, it was soon made clear that I should probably be doing something else, not yet fully recognizing what I wanted to do, but keeping in mind the road ahead, and the stars above.

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