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Dec 19, 2018 16:52:25

Writing out of the blue #5

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Sara Silva

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(Here's the first part of this text 😊)

My new job as a developer was soon changed, out of need, to a Quality Analysis placement within the team. What happens to QA people, especially when they are solo function players on a team? - They are the ones who better know the product.

By the time that I got to understand the inside out of our product, it so happened that the bosses requested for a demo. We weren't in the best shape to do it, so I came up with the idea of writing a script for them, describing everything I wanted them to do, and what was possible to follow, in hope that it would help them understand what was done. 

That was my unexpected writing out of the blue: the script was nine pages or so and it was produced overnight. To everyone's surprise, it became the main topic of the following meeting of the product. The boss was very pleased and surprised at this initiative and set me up to a conversation that would scar me for his abrupt mannerism:

I think you made a serious mistake...
What do you mean?

He then told me all about how he thought that I should be pursuing a creative career, that he would have me do more content than ever, and I would review everyone else's english texts... While still performing my QA job of course.

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