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May 31, 2019 15:10:16

Writing Structure

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Today I will focus on writing structures, which helps us to read and digest the contents. According to one of the websites, I am sharing some structures we could follow as below:

3 Strucutres:

  • SDS - Summary / Details / Summary
  • PREP - Points / Reason / Examples / Points


SDS is one of the easiest structure. You begin with what you are saying, add more details, and then conclude with what you said.

  • Summary - introduction what you are going to say
  • Details - the details of what you want to say
  • Summary - conclusion to summarize what you said

This structure is easier to digest. It might seems to be redundant since it is repeated the similar contents.


This is the extension of SDS but breaks down the details into two parts: reasons and examples as below.

  • Points - conclusions that you would like to highlights
  • Reason - justify why it is importnat
  • Example - show the concrete examples or cases to support the points
  • Points - summarize what you said consisely
    You could have multiple reasons and examples to support more strongly. Typically, three is a good number for others to remember.

Your main statement can be supported by reasoning and concrete examples.

Without noticing these structures, ones might follow unconsciously but it would be beneficial to think of this kind structure when you feel your thought is not organized.

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