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Jan 17, 2019 19:26:37

Writing While Traveling Sorta Sucks

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I've been finding it harder to write while I'm on my work retreat trip. I'm out of my normal routine, and there's a lot going on here pretty much throughout the day. I won't see my teammates again until August or September (we're a 100% remote company) so of course I want to spend time with people while I can. 

That doesn't really lend itself to sitting down and writing these 200+ words every day. It's just sort of an afterthought, and it always hits me in the evening. Like "ah dammit, I have to write something if I don't wanna lose my streak". And I don't want to lose that writing streak!

Ultimately it doesn't REALLY matter if I were to miss a day. If I ended up writing 29 out of 30 days I would know that I'd done so. 

At the end of the month my wife and I are traveling to Mexico (near Cancun) 6 days. It's an all-inclusive resort and our first REAL getaway without kids in the almost 10 years we've been married. So I doubt that writing will be my highest priority. 

Maybe I'll try to get a bunch written before then so I can post that stuff, instead of sitting down in paradise to hammer out my 200 words. I suppose I could write ABOUT the trip. We'll see.

Ah, there we go. Two hundred and thirty three words :)

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