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May 12, 2019 22:21:19

Writings on meditation (1)

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Jason Leow

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I'd been meditating for slightly over 10 years now. But it's not often I write about it. Not because there wasn't anything to write about, but because what I see and experience when sitting are hard to put into words. Only imagery, metaphors, visualisations and poetry work in this space. And so here it is:


In darkness, I sat

Fading into darkness

Eyes swimming in darkness

Nothing but thoughts and images

Spluttering in and out of darkness

Am I even meditating?

It's so dark, it's hard to tell...


It's still dark

Dark without doubt

Is the watching even useful?

But wait......watch the questioning!

And see how watching has drawn your enemy out, into the open

It's name is "Desire for something to happen" or "Craving for self re-creation"

This enemy had you asking

if your watcher is working

But verily, truly,

your watcher is effective beyond

any measure

That's why, that's the sole reason why,

the enemy is using doubt and discord

to get you to stop the watcher watching!

So it's not patience I need

Maybe feeling and watching the impatience is key

As impatience is the enemy's mask

ALL I need to do

is to keep the watcher watching

Just plain seeing, just watching,

nothing else

Plain seeing

with eyes wide and round

Open to see all those

thoughts, images, feelings

Buzzing around, breezing past

Occasionally, only occasionally

sensing the want to want more.

Want out, want in,

want being, want none.

But letting it be through plain seeing

with eyes wide and round.

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