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Dec 31, 2018 15:23:54

Year end cleanup - Tools

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It's the usual year-end activity, I review my email clean up and my productivity tools changes, the last day I going to review some other tools that I going to replace.

1. Financial tools on Mac, I have changed quite a few one, currently, I m using Moneywiz, reason to change because it's getting more expensive and bloated. It seems very common for Mac app that famous go into subscription mode and very often it's almost killing the software. I m planning to change to debit & credit, it's also subscription based but I think I can accept for $10 bucks per year.

2. I use Total to manage my freelance business, it seems like already become abandonware, no longer update. I plan to migrate over to Plutio which I getting from Appsumo Lifetime deal.

3. I bought Habitify for mac when they pre-launch, so I just get the iOS version, hopefully, this combination can help me build some good habits and quit the bad one in 2019.

4. Setapp is really a saver for me, I just have some pdf compression issue this morning, after a search in Google for a lot of expensive software, I just found one from Setapp that help me fixed the problem. I have at least 10 apps installed on my Mac from Setapp that help me solve a different problem as a freelancer.

It's the final day of 2018, but I guess I leave the 2018 review to tomorrow?

Happy New Year and looking forward to 2019 !

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