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May 20, 2019 07:02:37

Yes, They won't come

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I saw this post some time ago - ' They Won't Come' and it 's telling the truth, there are a lot of makers think that if I build something and maybe with some product hunt launch and the clients will just come. Nope, it won't.

I use to be fall in the same batch of Maker; I think that if you build something, then it will easily attract users and they will convert become your paid users. I understand it after try to launch some products when I build up my company. It takes a lot more effort than that, and the build-up process is playing a tiny part for a successful outcome. It takes a lot of effort on how you market it, pre-sell it, understands your user and makes your product known by people.

They won't just come, lots of information flowing around in the digital world. It's not easy to deliver a suitable message to your target audience, besides that your competitors are busy doing the same, how to make your message more outstanding to catch the eyeballs?

There are some overnight success but mostly based on the founder personal brand effect, so if you are just nobody, don't believe that if you build and they will come.

Unless what you build is what you are going to use, or you want to develop it for fun, it is not for fun or trying to make it profitable? Please pause it and try to do the pre-sell and talk to the customer; this will save you a lot of times.

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