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Dec 27, 2018 19:23:04

You have X hours, X minutes, and X seconds left to write

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For some reason when I pull up the website for a split second I just see X's instead of the amount of time left. For that split second I have a mild sense of panic as I get closer to the deadline. Usually I complete my daily writing well before the deadline, which happens to be later afternoon my time. Still, it's nice to know how much time is left.

I guess this shows the power of a streak for me. It provides a sense of accomplishment to see the number go up every day and know that my commitment has been fulfilled for that period of time. I suppose at some point I won't necessarily "need" the streak anymore when the habit is fully formed, but it is nice to have now.

I wonder what other areas of my life I can apply a "streak mentality" to get results. Maybe walking a certain number of steps per day. Or guaranteeing a minimum number of hours of sleep every night. The great thing about tracking a streak is that it gains more power the longer it goes. I suppose at some point it may become more about the streak than the actual activity. But for now I am grateful for small things like tracking daily accomplishments.

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    From a Ryan Holiday Post:

    Think Small—Really Small
    The writer James Clear talks a lot about the idea of “atomic habits” (and has a really good book with the same title). An atomic habit is a small habit that makes an enormous difference in your life. He talks about how the British cycling team was completely turned around by focusing on 1 percent improvements in every area. That sounds small, but it accumulates and adds up in a big way. He emphasizes thinking small with big habits. Don’t promise yourself you’re going to read more; instead, commit to reading one page per day. Thinking big is great, but thinking small is easier. And easier is what we’re after when it comes to getting started. Because once you get started, you can build.

    Full content here:

    Abe avatar Abe | Dec 30, 2018 06:10:10
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      @abrahamKim Great suggestion thanks! There really is an art to goalsetting, planning, and execution. I wonder where all this was when I was in school!?

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Dec 30, 2018 17:12:13
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