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Aug 24, 2019 15:22:15

You're not corrupt in the way they claim | Switch Hitter -- pt 7

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The air inside was thick, just as you'd expect from a wood cabin filled with carpet. It smelled old timey to breathe. It reminded Phelps of summer nights he had spent at his Grandparent's primitive cottages. 

"Nice place." Harry said as he pointed his over to the mosquito netted patio looking out onto the lake.

"You'll be safe here. At least for the time being. Hopefully that's enough time for us to figure this out."

Harry made a face. 

"What is there to figure out? I'm going to go to prison for a long time.'

Zara went over to see what was in the fridge. Completely empty. She turned on the tap and let it run. She spoke a little louder. 

"You're not dirty, Harry. At least, you're not corrupt in the way they're claiming you are. You shouldn't be getting nailed for this."

Harry sat down on an armchair so small it made him look like he was posing at a funhouse exhibition. 

"I know that. But as dirty as I am, why not just take this like they're handing it out. If I'm a dirty cop, doesn't it not matter what they nail me with? Just put me away."

"That's the thing Harry. They're not going to put you away."

Harry glanced up with stern but not worried eyes. Zara didn't need to say anymore.

"You thirsty?"

"Kind of. I've drank 8 cups of coffee at your office. I'll get you more K cups, if we ever get out of this."

Zara chuckled, walked over and oured a short wide glass with tap water. She then shut the faucet off. The two went into the patio and sat on a sofa while looking out into the lake.

"So are you staying up all night?"

"Yeah. But not because of the coffee. I can drink a pot of coffee and still pass out. I just have too much on my mind."

Zara nodded slowly. 

Harry kept his stare on the dark lake. If the moon was out in full, this would've been a beautiful scene. He had so many things he wanted to ask Zara. But each time he thought about starting, he held his tongue and sipped more water. He sipped and sipped until his glass was empty.

He looked over and found Zara already asleep. 

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