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Jul 04, 2019 20:46:18

youtube gurus

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okay, I am must write down something about youtube. Cuz I am just super Youtube newbie I am getting inspired by all the gurus out there. It's a hell of the people who try to tell you how to do it properly haha. 

I don't mind to watch it cuz even the basic stuff its good to learn. Still, I would never pay for such a course. I mean it is really hard to trust them. Even though I understand the business it should have some boundaries.

For example, I subscribed to some mailing list one of the youtube experts. She is pretty all right, her youtube videos make sense and it's kinda helpful. I just wanted to download some of her super troper checklists. 

Anyway, the email bombing began haha. I got maybe over 5 emails in two days. Actually, the email automatization is pretty awesome and I respect that.  Businesswise I cannot say a word. 

But what is pissing me off? In one of her emails, she describes how one of her students reach a big success on youtube and could pay all her debts .... but she hasn't shared the actual youtube channel.

I was curious so I replied if she could share with me the channel cuz I would like to see the content and get inspired... and guess what ... after a few more automated emails .. still no answer.

... these little lies ... it's so stupid ... I asked just cuz I felt the story is not true ... but wanted to be sure ...

 .... if she would answer me, I will write an apologizing post I promise haha ...


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