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PureVPN Android App Review

serversPureVPN is located in Hong Kong, which makes it easier to keep up with the demands for utter privacy and zero logging (unlike VPNs in the United States, for example). With an impressive array of special features and with a modern looking, customizable interface, PureVPN is a great solution for Android running devices.

Android OS is what we are going to focus on, so as to conclude as to whether or not it is worth taking the time and installing the PureVPN Android app on our precious device. Let’s get started, shall we?

PureVPN Android User Interface

First of all, it is needless to point out that you can get the app for Androids using PureVPN for free at Google Play store. The design is cool, with customizable wallpaper and with vivid colors available to you, in combination with the black and light green. Of course, the letters are in white and this makes it simpler and more straightforward to read and comprehend. Other than that, the interface allows you to connect to the VPN with the click of a single button.

You can choose among over 500 servers (offering more than 800,000IPs) located in the world, switching from server to server till you find the best solution for you at the time. This can help you avoid peak hours and heavy traffic. You can also select servers based on your purpose (for instance, streaming or downloading or even anonymity). If you wish, you can allow the app to connect to the fastest VPN automatically.

purevpn tabletThere is Internet kill switch that helps you out remain anonymous all the way, while you have got the opportunity to use up to 5 different devices simultaneously. OpenVPN with 256-bit encryption is supported and this is certainly a bonus! One-click software means that you can connect to the PureVPN Android app and keep everything encrypted in no time. The only downside is the lack of a speed test within the app – which is a minor disadvantage, not many would mind.

Android setup:

PureVPN Servers around the world:

Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Italy, Jamaica, Cyprus, South Africa, Azerbaijan, Taiwan, Senegal, Norway, Bahamas, Malaysia, Tanzania, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Venezuela, Portugal, Algeria, Mexico, Netherlands, Denmark, China, Canada, Lithuania, Belgium, Chile, Bahrain, Tajikistan, France, Laos, Jordan, South Korea, Czech Republic, Ghana, Angola, Kyrgyzstan, Ecuador, Colombia, Seychelles, Spain, Tunisia, Greece, Jamaica, Albania, Germany, Nigeria, Panama, Yemen, Myanmar, Brazil, Bulgaria, Turkmenistan, Luxembourg, Syria, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Brunei, Afghanistan, UAE, Montenegro, Thailand, Egypt, Costa Rica, Ireland, Russia, Peru, Pakistan, Japan, Mongolia, Lebanon, Sweden, Latvia, Hong Kong, Niger, Oman, Mauritania, Qatar, UK, Hungary, Georgia, Argentina, Cambodia, Liechtenstein, Uzbekistan, Malta, Romania, New Zealand, Tokyo, Slovenia, Finland, India, USA, Indonesia, Kenya, Vietnam, Myanmar, Iceland, Singapore, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Bosnia Herzegovina, Estonia, Philippines, Turkey, Serbia, Croatia, Switzerland, Austria, Madagascar, Belize, Poland .

Filesharing is allowed in the following Countries:

Norway, Turkmenistan, Kenya, Senegal, Costa Rica, Laos, Slovenia, Tanzania, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Belize, Belgium, Pakistan, Algeria, Ghana, Sri Lanka, UAE, Papua New Guinea, Angola, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Tajikistan, Armenia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Latvia, Romania, Nigeria, Serbia, Germany, Russia, Madagascar, British Virgin Islands, Niger, Oman, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Colombia, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Monaco, Panama, Estonia, Myanmar, Sweden, Moldova, Mauritania, Peru, Ecuador, Bangladesh, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Venezuela, Brunei, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia


PureVPN Android Features

As we have mentioned earlier, there is a network of over 500 servers located in 141 countries (and the network does not rest, with more servers added regularly). You can choose the security protocol that you want to use (with OpenVPN being our recommendation and with the option between ‘UDP’ and ‘TCP’ data tunneling ports (with split tunneling).

Besides the military grade encryption, the multi logins with up to five devices and the unlimited server switching, you can also enjoy unlimited bandwidth and data transfer. You get 99.99% uptime and NAT firewall, DDoS protection and the alternative of dedicated IPs. Without the obstacle of ISP throttling, the speed and performance of PureVPN are superb.

Apart from the Android OS, there are also many other software options that you can choose from for getting detailed setup guides and apps of quality. As you can see, the features guarantee that you get the optimal user experience. With respect to privacy and anonymity, this is a rock solid VPN service provider for Android OS and for all other OS and devices.


PureVPN Pricing and Payment Methods

There is a single plan that you can choose, changing just the duration of the subscription. If you go for the monthly plan, you will pay $10.95. In case you wish to choose the annual plan, the cost is $49; last but not least, there is the top value for money offered at $79 for 2 years.

Currently, there is an offer that allows you to get a year for free, after subscribing to the yearly plan. No free trial is provided to the VPN subscribers of PureVPN, whereas you can only benefit from a 3 day full money refund guarantee.

When it comes to the payment methods provided, with PureVPN you can choose among the use of credit cards, PayPal, WebMoney and of course Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the best alternative for anonymous payment, so this is a thumbs-up. With more than 150 payment options apart from Bitcoin, you can never go wrong!

PureVPN Support

One of the major aspects that need to be clarified in a VPN service provider is that of support and customers’ care. The top support option for PureVPN is none other than the use of live chat 24/7. The response time is satisfactory and the representatives are helpful and knowledgeable.

Other than that, there is the support section with the news, the setup guides, the knowledge base and the FAQ section. You can submit a ticket, email them or head to the blog, as well as go to the social media platforms. As a whole, there is nothing that you cannot get via the support options of PureVPN.

The only thing missing is the phone number, but there is no need for that in VPNs – most companies do not have any phone directly for customers’ support either.

PureVPN Android App Review Conclusion

Now that we have completed the PureVPN Android app review, it is high time we concluded as to the overall quality of this VPN competitor. It is really important to know that there is no problem with logs kept, due to the location of the VPN in Hong Kong. Then, there is a simple and modern looking interface that can invite Android users to install and make use of the app offered at Google Play.

All the advanced encryption protocols are supported, as well as the features that make your user experience pleasant and satisfactory. Unlimited bandwidth, kill switch for avoiding accidents with navigation that is not protected via VPN, fast server choice done automatically and many more features ensure that you enjoy superb speed and top notch performance.

With the seasonal discounts and with the great support, PureVPN offers a reliable VPN plan that fits the needs of Android users (and everyone else, since there is the feature of 5 multi logins offering up to five simultaneous VPN connections with a single account).

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