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SaferVPN Android App Review

SaferVPN tech   SaferVPN has been a recent addition in the global market of VPN, since it was established in 2013 on the country of Israel. This location makes it possible for the subscribers to overcome the data retention laws applied in the United States and so on. But on the other hand – israel is also not known as a harbor for freedom.

As you can see, this is a great advantage of SaferVPN. Apart from that, the VPN allows users to choose among 700 dedicated servers in about 35 countries.We are going to highlight both the pros and cons of the Android app of SaferVPN, in order to deduce as to whether or not this is a reliable solution for the specific OS.

SaferVPN User Interface

safervpn mobileWhite and light blue are the colors prevailing in the beta version of SaferVPN Android app, which you can catch at Google Play store. The fact that this app is in beta form leaves room for improvement. However, the design is pretty cool and intuitive.

It enables users to connect to the VPN of their choosing with one button and it allows them to start their free trial right away (assuming that they do not have an account yet). As for the servers, you can select your favorites or you can go for the most recommended servers at the time. You can get the option of upgrading right from the app (from the free trial to the premium services of the VPN) or you can choose to enable the VPN to run in the background. As it has been mentioned above, no logs are kept and this is greatly appreciated by most VPN users.

We have outlined the quantity of the VPN servers (35 locations with over 700 dedicated servers), which is neither too high nor too low. No speed test and no fancy features are available at the moment at the Android app, but this does not mean that you do not enjoy premium speed and performance, as well as convenience and ease of use. They promise that you will get up and running in less than 60 seconds and they live up to their promise.

SaferVPN for Android setup:

SaferVPN devices

Safer VPN for Android Features

You have got the chance to enjoy unlimited bandwidth, as soon as you subscribe to SaferVPN. As you will come to see later on at the pricing, there are differences according to the number of simultaneous connections that you wish to benefit from (expanding from a single connection to three and up to seven).

SaferVPN offers security protocols like PPTP, L2TP over IPSec and OpenVPN, with up to 2048 bit encryption. 99.99% uptime and server switches that do not cost any more than the set fee are also great additions to the plan of SaferVPN.

You may find it disappointing, though, that they do not embrace P2P file sharing and they do not facilitate their subscribers to engage in such activities. No sophisticated features such as the feature of kill switch (that prevents navigating the web without VPN) are found here for Android users, too.

SaferVPN Pricing and Payment Method

SaferVPN pricing

There are basically 2 distinctive plans available to you from SaferVPN. These plans cover the needs of individuals or small businesses. The basic plan (with 5 connected devices at a time) costs $8.99 billed monthly and $5.99 billed annually. The business plan costs $10 per team member per month. Finally, there is a corporation plan but companies need the ask for individual offers.

The free trial stretches for a single day and there is a 30-day full money refund guarantee (for those who do not want to go on with their subscription). Finally, the payment methods include the use of Master Card, Visa, Amex, Discover, JCB, Paypal and Wire Transfer. Also Bitcoin is accepted!

SaferVPN Support

safervpnWhen it comes to the support options of SaferVPN, things are quite simple and minimalistic. You can choose to contact a representative of the VPN with the live chat (which is luckily available 24/7). Otherwise, you can submit your ticket and get a response (although this response will not be instant like the live chat).

A FAQ section can clear up things for you, as can the blog that has been created for enlightening subscribers and potential customers. Some setup guides and the presence of social media links redirecting you to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ complete the whole image. Best option for us is definitely the live chat, though we would expect to get a more detailed knowledgebase.

SaferVPN offers a Single VPN plan that costs $8.99 per month, allowing up to 5 devices.  But you can save a lot if you subscribe for 1 or 2 years. SaferVPN also offers VPN solutions for small businesses. For $10 per month per team member, business can connect up to 7 devices simultaneously.

All SaferVPN plans are subjected to a 30-day money back guarantee policy which gives users the choice to request a refund if they are not satisfied with the service. Payments are accepted via major credit cards, PayPal and through Wire transfer.

Still sceptical on purchasing a SaferVPN plan? Give the service a test run via the trial account that will be active 24-hours upon signing up. This will give potential customers a chance to experience the full features of the SaferVPN service. Don’t worry, you do not need to provide any payment details at sign up so it’s no risk really.

SaferVPN Accessibility and Server Locations

As of August 2017, SaferVPN already has 400+ server selections in over 35 countries. The secure servers are located in the following locations: Finland, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Los Angeles, Poland, New York, Canada, Holland, India, Denmark, Austria, Italy, France, Brazil, Hong Kong, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, Norway, Australia, United Kingdom, Argentina, Mexico, Cyprus, Portugal, Ireland and in Israel.

SaferVPN for Android Review Conclusion

We have finished our review of SaferVPN Android app and we are ready to summarize the advantages and the disadvantages that we have encountered. On the one hand, it is definitely a great bonus that the location of the VPN in Israel does not involve any limitation (unlike the US, per se).

The Android app is in beta form, which means that there is room for improvement. Up till now, the features available are quite satisfactory and facilitate the overall user experience. The interface is modern and intuitive, with clean colors and pleasant design. On the other hand, there are no special features like the Internet kill switch or the speed test that could be added to the app. These are all suggestions for the future.

The cost is not that affordable, while the support could be enriched with a wider range of topics at the knowledgebase. Despite the disadvantages and the details that need to be added, nobody can argue as to the fact that SaferVPN is on the right track. Android users and everybody else can enjoy premium speed and performance, features like unlimited bandwidth and server switching, 99.99% uptime and advanced encryption.

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