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VyprVPN Android App Review

If you are looking for a VPN service provider registered in Switzerland (thus avoiding data retention legislation and other limitations from the US and other locations), GoldenFrog and VyprVPN will do the trick for you. Although they do have some bonds with the US, they do not share data for advertising purposes and without a subpoena. They don`t save logfiles (verified by Leviathan Security Group)!

They claim to be the fastest VPN in the world and they have got a wide array of special features added to their plans. We are going to focus on their Android app and put it to the test. So, join us for checking out whether or not VyprVPN is a high quality product in the field of VPN for you to benefit from on your precious Android!

VyprVPN Android User Interface

connect vpnIf you are interested in high tech design, VyprVPN Android app is not going to excite you. The main color used is white and there are simple graphics, including all the information that you may need. One tap connect is possible and this can be a relief, though. You do not even have to connect to the app, in order to connect to the VPN with the right settings. Lock screen and home screen connection are available, too.

You can configure VyprVPN, so as to automatically reconnect when VyprVPN disconnects due to some sort of problem with the connection or connect on a per-app basis. The speed graph is a cool feature, which you are going to love – it depicts the information in an intriguing manner. The app can be found at Google Play store, with helpful instructions. There is also a beta version.

No kill switch is offered by the app, but there are some extra features that can add to your optimal user experience – as we are about to see at the respective section below. Overall, this is a modern app that does not strike you as extremely sophisticated, but as exceptionally easy and simple to use – and with a ping test and speed graph that allow you to compare speed and performance.

Android 2.0 setup:

Android 4.X setup:

vyprvpn security

VyprVPN for Android Features

Moving on to the features that VyprVPN offers to its subscribers, you can sigh with relief. There are multiple protocols, including the advanced encryption of OpenVPN and Chameleon. So, you will never feel less pampered and somehow not protected (PPTP and L2TP/IPsec are also provided).

As an added layer of security, you can enjoy the NAT Firewall and you can benefit from endless server switching at no extra charge. You can have the fastest server selected automatically and you can add the servers of your liking among your favorites.

This adds to the ease of use that the app enables you to get, of course. Cards are offered for simple navigation, which can be exquisitely convenient in various cases. Before completing the highlight of the best features by Golden Frog and VyprVPN, we ought to include the Dump Truck Storage option.

This can help you store everything you need online and with perfect protection. Last but not least, according to the plan that you are going to select, there is the ability to use more than one device at a time.

VyprVPN Pricing & Payment Methods

The service offers 3 different vpn plans.

  • 2 Years – $2.50/mo (81% Off)
  • 1 Year – $3.75/mo (71% Off)
  • Monthly – $12.95/mo

A 30 Days Money Back Guarantee is given to new users to try the service without any risk.

The only thing that has worried us is the quote from their terms of use: “No refunds will be given under any circumstances.” As for the payment methods, you can choose between the use of credit cards or PayPal. The latter is definitely more anonymous, but Bitcoin would be a great addition.

vyprvpn tech

VyprVPN Accessibility and Server Locations


VyprVPN has 700+ servers located in 48 global locations. VyprVPN has servers in major cities and countries across the

globe. The servers are strategically located in Sweden, Turkey, France, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Philippines, Malaysia, Poland, South Korea, Netharlands, Vietnam, Germany, US, Switzerland, Indonesia, Australia, Romania, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Thailand, Luxembourg, Finland, Canada, UK, Czech Republic, Ireland, Lithuania, Hong Kong, Argentina, Spain, Brazil, Taiwan, Italy, Singapore, Belgium, Panama, Costa Rica, Iceland, Japan and Colombia.

The client is easy to understand. The clear modern design of the software interface guides you through the setting options. You find them right on top of the client when you click on the little settings sign.

VyprVPN Support

We recommend using the live chat and support, which is offered 24/7 and ensures immediate response times. Then, you can have a look at their knowledgebase and check through the different topics displayed. Submitting a ticket or emailing the representatives of VyprVPN can also be quality solutions (though the feedback will not be as quick as with the live chat).

The community and the blog certainly add to the overall support, as much as the social media platforms that are given at the bottom right side of the screen for instant redirecting.

VyprVPN  Android App Review Conclusion

From everything that has been pointed out above as to the quality and reliability of VyprVPN and more specifically the Android app available to subscribers, it is needless to state that they have made serious efforts to accomplish great stuff. The registration of the VPN in Switzerland is a great advantage, with the problems emerging only for subpoenas. The design of the Android app is cool and really easy to use.

People from VyprVPN certainly pay attention to security and to the optimal outcome received by the customers. This is why they offer features such as the ping test or the dump truck storage option. Although there is a free plan, this VPN solution is not the most affordable one that we have ever encountered. However, the quality of the features and the solid performance certainly justify the high cost.

With a number of servers and with unlimited bandwidth and server switching, with all the advanced security protocols (including Chameleon) and with the decent and versatile support, this is a really quality product that we have tried out. If they think twice about refunds and if they add Bitcoin as payment methods, things will get even better!

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