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Which betting provider has the best ice hockey betting offer? In this section you will find the current ranking of the best betting providers in the field of ice hockey betting. While football is the undisputed number 1 in sports betting, regardless of the season, the turnover figures of the betting providers show that ice hockey is already in second place on the popularity scale in the winter months.

Especially when the Bundesliga and the Champions League pause over Christmas and New Year, the interest in betting on ice hockey games rises significantly – and the stakes on ice hockey bets skyrocket.

Our research in this regard has shown that many bookmakers generate up to 25% of their sales with bets on ice hockey in the months of December and January.

Ice Hockey Puck Sportsbook TestIn view of this, it is all too logical and self-evident that betting providers have focused more and more on playing with the puck in recent years and have successively expanded and expanded the range of bets on offer.

Reason enough for the test editorial staff of to deal intensively with the bookmakers’ ice hockey betting offers and to process the findings in this ranking and the detailed test reports. You can find great crypto betting companies offering you to bet on hockey with BTC and on many other sports events, the linked site compares all market leaders.

This is how the ice hockey bets were tested:

When evaluating the ice hockey betting offers, we applied the usual test criteria: In addition to the scope of the corresponding betting programs in width and depth, these naturally also concern the betting odds and the range of live bets.

By the width of the offer we mean how many different countries and leagues from the world of ice hockey are in the betting offer of the respective bookies. The depth of the offer, on the other hand, refers to the selection of different betting options per ice hockey match.

  • The more different countries and leagues a betting provider has in its programme, and the more different special bets and special bets there are for each ice hockey game, the more points can be achieved in this test category.
  • A further important criterion for the evaluation of the individual offers is, of course, the respective odds.
  • And because live betting is also playing an increasingly important role in ice hockey, these must not be missing from the evaluation. Again, the more width and depth there is in the betting program and the higher the odds are, the better the evaluation was.
  • The test reports and evaluations are rounded off by bonus points that are awarded for specials. These include, for example, the options for long-term bets, which were only available from a few providers.
  • Or additional offers such as live streams, infotools, statistics or other aids.

The ice hockey betting program in depth

The selection of leagues and games in ice hockey among the top betting providers is huge. But how does it look in depth – with special and special bets on the respective games on offer?

icon-gluehbirneDie are indispensable in this sport, which is so fast and in which a lot can happen in a few seconds. That’s why those bookies who made it to the top places in the ice hockey betting test don’t let themselves be lumped in this respect.

First and foremost test winner Bet365 plays a big role here.

The British model bookmaker offers a wealth of additional bets on games from the most important leagues in the world, such as the NHL, KHL or SHL – in most cases around 30.


  • Handicap bet
  • winning edge
  • Team that scores first wins.
  • Time 1. goal
  • Third with the most goals
  • First team with three goals
  • team scoring the last goal

The Ice Hockey Odds

In terms of quantity, i.e. width and depth, the betting providers were usually able to convince – a broad spectrum is offered to ice hockey fans. Be it with a large selection of leagues and games or with many different betting options.

But what about the quality of this offer, more precisely the odds. These are not exactly unimportant for friends of ice hockey betting. This quality can best be determined using the odds key.

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